“Louis has been going to the Dogchester since he was 7months old. We don’t have any fears leaving him in the loving and very capable hands of Caroline for the day, weekend or even for a holiday as we know he’s well looked after and loves the time he spends there. I’d give the Dogchester 10 stars if I could..”

“Caroline, Maire and all the Dogchester gang are absolutely fantastic. They are incredibly caring about the dogs they look after and are always helpful and as accommodating as possible of the owners. We couldn’t recommend the Dogchester highly enough.”

“Liath absolutely adores The Dogchester and the team take the best care of her. Would give it 10 stars if I could 🙂.”

Pet Requirements

Our Rules
  • We reserve the right to refuse your dog from DoggyDayCare if they do not socialise well with others.
  • Any behavioural issues must be disclosed upon application.
  • Dogs need to be with us for minimum 2 days per week to minimise disruption for the other animals.
  • Payments must be in advance either on the day or if booking a full week, weekly in advance.
  • If your dog is sick please do not bring him/her to DoggyDayCare.
Must have up to date vaccinations

Vaccination records including kennel cough must be up to-date, to ensure all our furry friends keep healthy

Must be microchipped

All dogs must be microchipped and registered by you before they come to us.

Must meet-up with us first

All new doggie visitors must have a meet-up with some of the other dogs to ensure that they get along with each other.  Some dogs are more nervious than others, and we like to see if they will be happy staying with us.

Dogs must be spayed or neutered

Puppies should be a minimum of 6 months.

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

We would be delighted to chat to you about your dog’s requirements, so get in touch with us.